About the Conference

North America is among the world’s preeminent higher education landscapes. Its systems are made up of diverse institutions serving a variety of student demographics and producing a substantial proportion of global knowledge and know-how. Interaction among and with North American higher education institutions leads to improved quality, relevance and resource availability for those involved in these important partnerships, collectively a key driver of global prosperity. The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC)’s purpose is to foster collaboration among and with North American higher education institutions.  Mexican institutions have strong international relationships and engagement within North America and all over the world. The Mexican Association for International Education (AMPEI) leads the internationalization of Mexican higher education institutions. At this event, AMPEI will convene its Annual Conference in partnership with CONAHEC’s 20th North American Higher Education Conference.

It is a very important time for international higher education. Those in this sector know that international engagement is not always a priority at institutions, particularly when circumstances that hinder our activities create complications for our traditional work. International engagement can even draw antagonism from those who don’t appreciate its opportunities. All interested in collaboration opportunities with Mexican US or Canadian higher education institutions, as well as with our key partners in South America Europe and Asia, should not miss this opportunity to network and make plans. Together, we must make the case for, maintain and strengthen our international institutional relationships.

In this context, we particularly invite those who are shifting gears to innovate in their international engagement, with new models and approaches to: comprehensive internationalization at home, of courses, curriculum and international engagement; technology based innovation in teaching and learning, research and service. Our global village consists of diverse institutions, actors perceptions and perspectives. Rather than detracting from our success, collaborative interaction and sharing of resources and know how among these diverse actors generates solutions impossible to achieve in isolation. The need for our community to work together and share successes and opportunities is more acute than ever. International collaboration among higher education institutions serves a crucial role in international relationships and global prosperity. Together we can purposefully rebuild our global village through mutual understanding and respect, solidarity and collaboration.


We encourage presentations on all priority topics for international engagement among North American higher education institutions including but not limited to:

  • Successes and Challenges in Adapting to the Effects of the Pandemic
  • Innovative Collaboration Models and Projects
  • Funding, Leading and Managing Internationalization Initiatives
  • Purposeful Comprehensive Internationalization Strategies
  • Internationalization at Home
  • Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Student, faculty, and Staff International Mobility
  • Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competencies
  • ICT use for International Collaboration in Teaching and Learning
  • Small Carbon-Footprint Internationalization
  • Crisis Management in International Higher Education
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Equity in Internationalization

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your priorities and activities, learn about what others are doing to achieve their internationalization objectives and meet leaders and practitioners in higher education internationalization. Plan to participate in this inaugural CONAHEC-AMPEI Joint Virtual International Education Conference. Together we will reassert the value of international academic relationships and engagement in higher education and forge a more resilient platform and proactive agenda for future collaboration. Visit the call for presentation proposals and send us your idea. We’d love to hear from you if we can help: events@conahec.org.

Reach a diverse audience of higher education leaders and decision makers engaged in international education and collaboration through our online exhibit area, and sponsorship branding opportunities. Sponsors can submit artwork with links to their sites, set up a virtual exhibit booth and create a schedule to hold presentations and one on one or group meetings to interact with conference attendees. They can share marketing messages with conference participants and assemble lists of leads. Since this conference web site will remain on the web, your organization can be associated with this important event and show its support for CONAHEC and AMPEI before and beyond the conference dates, generating more opportunities over time.

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How to Register

This on-line conference will use the Whova Website and Free Mobile App as its platform.  Registration will be available soon through Whova’s system.  A link to the registration system will appear here very soon.

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Discount codes must be applied at the time of registration. Discount codes will be shared with CONAHEC and AMPEI Members and Affiliate Members and members of our partner international education and higher education organizations including members of the Network of International Education Associations (NIEA), Compostela Group of Universities and Iniciativa Latino-Americana para la Internacionalizacion de la Educacion Superior (INILAT).  Please keep an eye out for conference email announcements and invitations.  For further information contact: events@conahec.org

You are invited to present!

In addition to generating interest in your activities and finding new allies, presenting at an international higher education conference looks great on an academic resume. CONAHEC and AMPEI invite presentation proposals which highlight higher education institutions’ international collaboration strategies, priorities, initiatives and innovations. Join us to share what you and your institution are doing to enhance international engagement with North American institutions.

The program committee will select from among the proposals to include some in panels for live broadcast. Others will be invited to pre-record their presentations and to interact with viewers during and after they are aired. Read the full call for presentation proposals and visit the system for submitting a proposal below.  The conference program committee reserves all rights regarding decisions related to proposals received, accepted or not.

CONAHEC NM Conference

Preliminary Agenda

Call for Award Nominations

The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) invites member institutions and the higher education community, to nominate individuals and/or institutions for the following two awards:

  • Award of Distinction for Outstanding Contributions to North American Higher Education Collaboration
  • Manuel T. Pacheco Award

To be considered, nominations must:

  • Specify which award the nomination is for
  • Include the name and full contact information of the NOMINEE
  • Include the name and full contact information of the nominator
  • Include a brief biographical description of the NOMINEE in Word or PDF format
  • Specify reasons for which the nominee should be considered in Word or PDF format
  • Be sent using the online form no later than November 15, 2020

Submissions will be reviewed by a tri-national Awards Committee designated by CONAHEC’s Board of Directors. The selection for each award will be presented at CONAHEC’s 20th North American Higher Education Conference, to be held at this event on December 1st 2020. 

Award of Distinction for Outstanding Contributions to North American Higher Education Collaboration

The CONAHEC Award of Distinction is designed to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of persons or organizations involved in international higher education in Canada, Mexico, or the United States, and whose involvement has demonstrated a substantial and effective contribution to the goals of educational integration, collaboration, and leadership. This award will be presented to individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution at either institutional or national levels.


  • Nominees are not required to be members of CONAHEC.

Selection Criteria:

This award is presented to an **individual or organization** that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Outstanding contribution to the process of the integration of the North American academic community and educational systems of the three countries.
  • Outstanding contribution to the development of education in his/her own country.
  • Outstanding contribution to the development of international education and collaboration in North America.

Past CONAHEC Awards of Distinction have been awarded to:

  • Sylvia Ortega, founding president of AMPEI (1997)
  • David Strangway, former President of the University of British Columbia (1998)
  • Victor Arredondo, former Mexican Director General of Higher Education and current State Secretary of Education in Veracruz, Mexico (1999)
  • Diana Natalicio, President of University of Texas, El Paso (2001)
  • François Tavenas, Rector Emeritus, Université Laval (2002)
  • Tom L. Wood, former President, Mount Royal College (2004)
  • Augie P. Gallego, Chancellor Emeritus, San Diego Community College District (2005)
  • The government agencies sponsoring the Program for North American Mobility in Higher Education which has been offered since 1995 thanks to the cooperation of Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC), the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) of the US Department of Education and the Mexican Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) (2007)
  • Jocelyne Gacel, Coordinator General for International Cooperation, Universidad de Guadalajara (2010)
  • Robert A. Pastor, Professor of International Relations, Founding Director of the Center for North American Studies, American University & author of numerous books on North America including “The North American Idea” (2011)
  • Francisco Marmolejo, Tertiary Education Coordinator, Education Human Development Network, The World Bank (2013)
  • Sergio Alcocer, Undersecretary for North American Affairs, Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico (2014)
  • Fernando León García, President, CETYS Universidad (2016) 
  • Livia Castellanos, Associate Vice-President (International) & Chief International Officer of the University of Regina (2017)
  • Héctor Arreola, Coordinador General del Sistema de Universidades Tecnológicas y Politécnicas de México (2019)

Manuel T. Pacheco Award

Named on behalf of Manuel T. Pacheco, a distinguished international educator, this award acknowledges his work and effort in promoting CONAHEC and its trilateral educational focus. This award is given to an outstanding individual from Mexico, Canada, or the United States who has demonstrated exceptional achievement and contribution to the development and progress of CONAHEC, its mission, and in meeting its program objectives.


  • The award recipient must be a member of a CONAHEC member institution. Sitting board members of CONAHEC are not eligible. 

Selection Criteria:

The award will be presented to an **individual** either from Mexico, Canada, or the United States who meets at least one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the development and strengthening of CONAHEC as an organization and has furthered the organization’s mission and goals.
  • Is or has been a member of a CONAHEC member institution.
  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the development of higher education opportunities in his/her country and, by doing so, strengthened the country’s integration to the North American academic community.

Past “MANUEL T. PACHECO” Awards have been given to:

  • Manuel T. Pacheco, former President of University of Arizona (1998)
  • Norman Collins, former representative of The Ford Foundation in Mexico and Central America (1999)
  • Richard W. Jonsen, former Executive Director of WICHE (the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) (2001)
  • Walter Uegama, former Vice President of Continuing Education, University of British Columbia (2002)
  • Juan Carlos Romero, former President of Universidad de Guanajuato (2004)
  • Margo Schultz, Former Associate Director, CONAHEC (2005)
  • Dewayne Matthews, Senior Research Director, The Lumina Foundation for Education (2007)
  • Daniel Guay, Former Executive Director of the Office of the President of the University of Quebec System (2010)
  • Araceli Partearroyo, Director of Academic Cooperation, Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs, United States Embassy in Mexico (2011)
  • Jaime Gutierrez, former Vice President of External Affairs of the University of Arizona (2014)
  • Lorna Smith, Former Director of International Education, Mount Royal University (2016)
  • Mike Proctor, Former Vice President for Global Initiatives of the University of Arizona and David Longanecker, Former President of WICHE (2017)
  • Joan Landeros, Universidad La Salle México (2019)



The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) is a not-for-profit membership-based network of approximately 160 institutions of higher education in Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as a select group of institutions from other parts of the world.  CONAHEC advises and connects institutions interested in establishing or strengthening academic collaborative programs within the North American region and beyond.  CONAHEC convenes in-person and virtual conferences, meetings and events where members develop their collaborative and cooperative projects and offers international academic mobility programs for students, faculty and staff.  Higher education leaders from Mexico, the United States and Canada have provided crucial leadership to CONAHEC since its inception, and CONAHEC is proud to collaborate with AMPEI on this 20th North American Higher Education Conference that would normally be celebrated in person in Mexico.  CONAHEC is also very fortunate to have a select group of high quality affiliated institutions headquartered outside North America.


The Mexican Association for International Education (AMPEI) was founded in July 1992 and is a non-profit Civil Association that aims to contribute effectively to the promotion and consolidation of the international dimension in higher education in Mexico.  Through research, analysis, cooperation and transnational academic exchange, AMPEI fosters the formation of people capable of performing effectively in multicultural societies to contribute to understanding, respect and mutual appreciation in the world.  AMPEI consist of of six national chapters with 362 members present in each of the 31 Mexican states and Mexico City.

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