About the Conference

North America is among the world’s preeminent higher education landscapes. Its systems are made up of diverse institutions serving a variety of student demographics and producing a substantial proportion of global knowledge and know-how.  Interaction among and with North American higher education institutions leads to improved quality, relevance and resource availability for those involved in these important partnerships.  Inter-institutional and international collaboration with North American institutions is a key driver of global prosperity.

Mexican institutions have significantly strengthened their international relationships and engagement. A key organization leading the internationalization of Mexican higher education, the Mexican Association for International Education’s (AMPEI) will hold its Annual Conference in conjunction with CONAHEC’s 20th North American Higher Education Conference to ensure a prominent presence of Mexican institutional representatives among CONAHEC’s prominent North American higher education community. If you are interested in collaboration opportunities with Mexican or other North American higher education institutions, as well as with our key partners in other continents, countries and regions, this meeting is a not to be missed.

It is a very important time for international higher education. Those of us who work to promote it know that international engagement is sometimes not a priority at institutions and can draw antagonism from those who don’t appreciate what it can bring. We must take the opportunities we can to meet to maintain and strengthen our important international relationships. Given the current constraints we all face, we particularly invite those who have successfully shifted gears and are now incorporating information and communications technologies to connect students and/or colleagues from another country in innovative ways to share what you’re doing.

“Rebuilding the Global Village” will be the theme of this year’s event.  Higher education institutions serve a crucial role in maintaining and improving international relationships among societies, and the need for our efforts in this area is more acute than ever. Some of the themes we will discuss include:

  • Crisis Management in International Higher Education
  • New Cooperation Schemes / Innovative Collaboration Projects
  • Internationalization at Home
  • Internationalizing the Curriculum
  • Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Virtual International Partnerships
  • Small Carbon-Footprint Internationalization
  • The Future of International Academic Mobility
  • Fostering International Higher Education Cooperation through Symbiotic Collaboration

Take this opportunity to share your priorities and activities and learn about the trends and meet many key players in North American higher education.  Meet with others committed to international collaboration with North American higher education institutions.  Join us at our inaugural CONAHEC-AMPEI Joint Virtual International Education Conference to share your efforts to translate internationalization strategies into real world initiatives and to learn about what others are doing to achieve their internationalization objectives. Together we will reassert the value of international academic relationships and engagement in higher education and forge a more resilient platform and proactive agenda for future collaboration. Please visit the call for proposals to submit a presentation for the consideration of the program committee. Contact events@conahec.org for more information.

Reach a diverse audience of higher education leaders and decision makers engaged in international education and collaboration through our online exhibit area, and sponsorship branding opportunities. Sponsors can submit artwork with links to their sites, set up a virtual exhibit booth and create a schedule to hold presentations and one on one or group meetings to interact with conference attendees. They can share marketing messages with conference participants and assemble lists of leads. Since this conference web site will remain on the web, your organization can be associated with this important event and show its support for CONAHEC and AMPEI before and beyond the conference dates, generating more opportunities over time.

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Arrange to have your organization’s support for this important event prominently displayed throughout the conference web sites and materials. Contact us today at sponsorship@conahec.org

How to Register

This 5-day on-line conference will use the Whova Website and Mobile App as its platform.  Registration will be available soon through Whova’s system.  A link to the registration system will appear here very soon.

Registration types:CONAHEC & AMPEI Members:Affiliated Network Members:Regular Price:
Groups of 5$450$540$600
Post-conference all-access$60$72$80

Workshops must be purchased separately. You will have access to all workshops although some may be scheduled concurrently but could be reviewed after they air. Discounts codes are being shared with CONAHEC and AMPEI Members and members of our sister international education and higher education organizations.  Please keep an eye out for conference email announcements.  For further information contact: events@conahec.org

You are invited to present!

In addition to generating interest in your activities and finding new allies, presenting at an international higher education conference looks great on an academic resume. CONAHEC and AMPEI invite presentation proposals which highlight higher education institutions’ international collaboration strategies, priorities, initiatives and innovations. Join us to share what you and your institution are doing to enhance international engagement with North American institutions.

The program committee will select from among the proposals to include some in panels for live broadcast. Others will be invited to pre-record their presentations and to interact with viewers during and after they are aired. Read the full call for presentation proposals and visit the system for submitting a proposal below.  The conference program committee reserves all rights regarding decisions related to proposals received, accepted or not.

CONAHEC NM Conference


The Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC) is a not-for-profit membership-based network of approximately 160 institutions of higher education in Canada, the United States and Mexico, as well as a select group of institutions from other parts of the world.  CONAHEC advises and connects institutions interested in establishing or strengthening academic collaborative programs within the North American region and beyond.  CONAHEC convenes in-person and virtual conferences, meetings and events where members develop their collaborative and cooperative projects and offers international academic mobility programs for students, faculty and staff.  Higher education leaders from Mexico, the United States and Canada have provided crucial leadership to CONAHEC since its inception, and CONAHEC is proud to collaborate with AMPEI on this 20th North American Higher Education Conference that would normally be celebrated in person in Mexico.  CONAHEC is also very fortunate to have a select group of high quality affiliated institutions headquartered outside North America.


The Mexican Association for International Education  (AMPEI) is a Mexican non-profit association. AMPEI was founded in July 1992 with the intention of helping to strengthen the academic quality of Mexican institutions of higher education through internationalization and international cooperation. Made up of six chapters at the national level, 362 members of the 31 Mexican states  are part of the AMPEI.

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